Keeping God in Our Thoughts

Psalm 10:4
The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.

God is not in the thoughts of the wicked.  The prideful man usually thinks much of himself and thinks of himself much of the time.  He wants to be in control of his life and make his own decisions, and he will not seek God or God’s will for his life.  Hopefully as Christians we don’t think too much of ourselves, and hopefully we are seeking after God.  But the question we can ask ourselves is:  Is God in all of our thoughts?

Is God on our minds first thing in the morning?  Do we wake up praising Him for all the blessings He’s given to us?  Do we seek Him in His Word and in prayer, asking for His guidance, seeking His will for our day?  We would do well to start each day with thoughts of our beautiful Savior, with our hearts meditating on His truths, and with our lips praising Him in song, prayer, thanksgiving.  And then throughout the day, in the midst of work and chores and daily tasks, let’s let our minds drift to the things of God.  Let’s let our focus grip tightly to a hymn or a Bible verse or a sweet memory of God’s blessing in our lives.

During the course of a day and during the course of our lives, we will face many decisions.  Is God in our thoughts when we consider our options?  Whether it’s a major decision or a minor one, do we consider if it’s pleasing to God and in His will for our lives?  Do we seek His guidance and value His input and His leading more than anything else?  Some decisions are stressful.  They can affect our life in a significant way, and we may feel the pressure of other people swaying us one way or the other.  We may face choices to sin or not to sin.  And so if we keep God in our thoughts, we will be ever mindful of following His way when faced with difficult choices.

If God is often in our thoughts, our lives will bear that out.  We can learn much and dwell closely with our Savior in a right relationship.  His Word in our heads and our hearts will bring forth fruit.  That’s not to say we won’t have problems or struggles or even major tragedies in our lives.  But a mind focused on God makes the sweet things in life sweeter, the painful things less painful, the pleasures of this world less attractive and the hardships more bearable.  It’s not always easy to keep our thoughts where we want them.  Our minds wander.  We get immersed in the tasks of the day.  But let’s seek to remind ourselves throughout the day to keep God in all of our thoughts.

Your thoughts?

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