Moments of Wonder

Luke 2:19
But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

This wouldn’t be the first unusual moment that Mary would experience being the mother of Jesus.  What a sense of wonder it must have produced in her about the child she held so close to her heart, and it all started right from the moment of His birth.  Angels are bringing messages to shepherds about her Son, and they come seeking Him in that barn in Bethlehem.  Soon some wise men from the east would come to worship Him.  Some would adore Him, while others sought His destruction.  And moment by moment she stood by, an almost-silent witness of His life.

Words like “Savior” and “Son of David” and “Son of God” are used to describe that infant on her lap.  “Holy” and “Redeemer” and “Messiah” are applied to the babe she bore.  That needy little baby is a source of hope for common people.  His future is mapped out, handwritten by God Himself.  His role in the lives of all mankind is unique and intensely significant.  Pain and heartache are coming.  Trials are coming.  Grief is coming.  But at this moment, peace, a baby, His mother, and her heart full of love already.

So many questions probably filled Mary in those early days.  She couldn’t have known what Jesus’ life would entail, how it would culminate in His death and resurrection.  But this baby captured her heart, and surely she savored those many special moments with Him, like any mother would with her child.  Surely she doted on Him, all the while wondering what more amazing things she would see, hardly able to imagine what it meant to give birth to the Savior of the world.  And as she watched Him sleep and touched His face, surely she was filled with hope and expectation.

Maybe we’ve had our own moments with the Lord that we can hardly put into words.  Maybe we’ve experienced real and significant things at the feet of Jesus and stored them up in our hearts.  Hopefully we’ve all had special moments with Jesus that we can look back on throughout our lives to encourage us and strengthen that bond of love between us and Him.  A life spent with Jesus is an amazing journey marked by landmarks along the way that fill us with peace and hope and adoration of our Lord.  Let’s keep these moments close to our hearts as we grow closer and closer to Jesus.  And may we never lose our sense of wonder over all that Jesus is.