We Are His

Song of Solomon 2:16
My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.

What a truly great and amazing thing that Jesus is ours.  He is perfectly lovely, holy, full of righteousness and truth.  He is merciful and gracious and so full of love.  He treats us with a tender compassion.  He is gentle and faithful.  He is kind and powerful.  And who would not want to call Him their own?  Who would not enjoy the treasure that is Jesus Christ?  Who would not long to know Him and have Him as their very own Savior?  And it is so wonderful that we can do that.

But us?  We are full of faults and failures.  We search and find no goodness within ourselves.  We are weak and so easily overcome by struggles and trials of the smallest kind.  We are marred by sin, stained by our past, and full of blemishes.  We wander away and make wrong choices.  We fall into the filth of this world and just get so messy and messed up sometimes.  And so even more amazing than the fact that Jesus can be ours is that we can be His.  He will call us His own.

How can it be that we are His and we can share a love, God and us, when we are but wretched piles of clay?  How can it be that one who dwells so high above us would descend to someone so lowly?  How could one of such purity and goodness even come close?  But He does, and it’s because of love, the pure and holy unconditional love that could only come from God Himself.  It is nothing within us that makes Him love us, but it is everything that is in Him.

We belong to Jesus.  We are His precious possession, bought and paid for by His blood.  And He is ours, a great gift accepted by faith that He has given to us.  And it certainly is a very precious thing to have a relationship with the Lord.  And just as much as we would desire Him, He desires us.  Jesus is our connection to the divine, and He enables communion with the Father, and so we have that place to belong.  So may we never cease to be grateful that we belong to the King, and let us never take for granted that He belongs to us.