He Knows All About It

Luke 13:16
And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?

No one ever seemed to question how Jesus knew everything about everyone, how He knew the details of every situation and even the thoughts of everyone’s heart.  To those who accepted Him as the Son of God, this might not seem strange, but to those who opposed Him and didn’t believe Him, it should have been amazing that He knew so much.  And here, Jesus knew this woman’s situation without her having to explain anything.  He knew how long she had suffered and the cause of her problem.  And He was willing and able to set her free from the grips of Satan.

How intimately Jesus knows each of us and the circumstances of our lives and the trials and pains and hardships we deal with.  And not only does He know, but He cares about the person underneath the problem, the real heart that beats underneath the label.  And in our lives, no matter the struggle we face or how long we’ve dealt with something, God knows all about it and has been with us through it.  There’s no need to explain every detail of our situation.  We just simply need to bring our needs to Him, and He is there to loose every bond.

Too often we allow ourselves to get caught up in our circumstances.  We may wonder what we’ve done that caused something to happen or question why we must deal with some particular hardship.  And the truth is, we may not always know why something happens to us or what the ultimate source of it is.  Perhaps this woman had no idea that Satan was the one who had caused this infirmity in her life.  But we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus knows what we can never know.  He knows the whys and the hows and the whats of everything we face in our lives, so we must look to Him for our answers.

Sometimes, though, we may never know those answers.  So in those moments, we must simply leave it in our Savior’s hands and trust Him with it.  We must realize that He has His purposes that we don’t always understand.  But we have to just know that Jesus knows our situation, He knows us, and He knows what He is going to do.  No matter what we’re facing, we can bring it to Jesus.  And as we bring these things that are so close to our hearts to Him, let us simply ask for His will to be done.