Will We Follow?

Mark 2:14
And as he passed by, he saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me.  And he arose and followed him.

This was Jesus’ invitation to many, though not all would follow Him.  The disciples did.  The rich young ruler did not.  Many whose lives He touched abandoned them to follow after Him.  Others made excuses not to go when He called.  But it really is such a simple thing He asks, and He asks this of all of us.  He doesn’t tell us to change first or do some great deed.  He doesn’t give us a list of tasks to complete before we can do so.  He takes us as we are.  He takes us from where we are.  But we have to make the choice whether we’re going to follow or not.

And when we do, we’re not following a system or a tradition or a religion.  We’re not following a man or following the crowd.  We’re not following our hearts or following a path.  We’re to follow Jesus.  It’s just a walk with the Master.  He will lead us and teach us along the way.  He will show us great things, provide for our needs and protect us in the storms.  He will enable us to go out and do as He asks.  And the great thing about it is we don’t have to figure everything out before we go.  We just have to follow—going where He goes, doing what He does, having that fellowship and that relationship, allowing ourselves to be led wherever He may take us.

And if we’re going to follow Jesus, we might as well get as close as we can.  Let’s not follow at a distance, distracted or looking over our shoulders at where we’ve come from, but right behind Him, right beside Him.  Let’s go arm in arm with our Savior for the duration, faithfully abiding in Him.  He’s calling us to be His disciples, and we can watch Him walk on by, or we can rise up.  We can cling to the old or be made new.  We can miss out or experience something completely life-changing.

Our walk with God, our life with Him is as unique as each of us, so let’s enjoy the journey.  It doesn’t matter what others are doing.  We have to follow His call for us.  So let’s not forsake our opportunity.  Let’s not ignore the call.  There are valleys ahead but also mountaintops.  There are struggles and victories.  There are joys and sorrows, miracles and misunderstandings, work and rest.  But does any of that really matter when He turns and sees us there, smiles, and reaches His hand, bidding us to experience life with Him?