God Is Our Strength

Psalm 73:26
My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

On our own, we fail.  On our own, we can barely stand.  On our own, everything overwhelms and threatens to consume.  On our own, all we can feel is an extraordinary lack.  On our own, we are constantly in want.  When we are looking to ourselves, we are let down over and over again.  Fears surround us.  Struggle seems unending.  Failure is inevitable.

But God is the strength of our hearts.  What a difference His presence makes.  It is the sudden illumination of light where once there was only darkness.  It is the warmth of love where only a cold chill could pass by.  It is power and glory and a magnificence of grace and peace and joy that floods our lives like a whole ocean being poured into a cup.  It is the presence of a holy God near to our sinful hearts, the relief of eased burdens, the comfort of His faithfulness, the power of His truth.

And when our fleshly hearts of clay yield themselves to Him, it is life entering a dead place.  It is an internal resurrection of a long-lost soul that now bears the claim of Jehovah God, and that can never be severed.  Nothing can separate us once we become part of Him.  And now our home is in heaven, His dwelling place, and our hearts so desperately long to be there with Him.  But all the weary years we have left to toil can be sustained by that hope that one day we will be so near to Him, but in the meantime, He will be near to us.

May we find our strength in God and God alone.  May His love lift us higher.  May His mercy pull us through.  May His grace uphold us.  And may His strength be upon our hearts.  And if we’ll bow just now in humble recognition of our desperate need for all of Him, then He will give us everything that we need, and His overflowing fullness will cascade upon our lives abundant showers of blessing.  And when God is our ultimate source, He Himself will be our portion, and that is truly all that we need.