Worth Knowing

Psalm 139:1
O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known me.

Like a focused spotlight, God is ever aware of us.  Even when our thoughts drift from Him, His never turn from us.  His is a focused gaze upon our lives, our hearts, our thoughts, and even our future.  And so when we gaze back, we find a connection with Him.  As we squint into that spotlight of His glory, as we inch nearer to His presence, we catch glimpses of our God.  And to understand that He knows us surely overwhelms our hearts, but then to know Him back nearly overtakes us completely.

God looks so deeply and intimately into our lives.  And He looks with interest because He wants to know us.  We are worth knowing to Him, and He wants us to know Him, to seek Him with that same interest and care.  And isn’t that one of the great desires of our hearts—to be known and understood and loved anyway?  To be who we are and still be cared about and have value?  We don’t often pay much attention to things that don’t matter to us, and it is the same way with God.  He made us and made us who we are, and He is intensely interested in His creation.

So what does it mean to us that God has known us in this way?  To know that He has known us all along even before we knew Him?  That means He’s been with us through the heights and the depths, through every right choice and every wrong one, through our victories and failures.  He’s been there in our lowest and loneliest moments and as we experienced our greatest joys.  He’s known our heart with every fumbled attempt to serve Him and every private moment of despair.  He’s looked into every longing and desire of our hearts and sought to meet them with His love.

Our God has searched us and known us.  He’s found out everything there is to know about us.  So does that cause us to want to know Him more?  Does it create a tug on our heart to desire to seek Him out and not only know more about Him, but know Him more personally in our lives?  He’s promised that if we seek Him, He’ll be found, so let us go looking and searching to find out all we can.  Let us seek to know Him in a different way than we ever have before and experience the kind of relationship with Him that He always intended for us to have.