Made Known

Psalm 98:2
The LORD hath made known his salvation: his righteousness hath he openly shewed in the sight of the heathen.

The plagues in Egypt were an unmistakable demonstration of God and His power and the truth that He alone is God.  And those amazing works were not done in secret.  When Joshua led the people into the promised land and the armies of Israel triumphed in city after city, the people around them were aware of that.  They had heard about this small nation overcoming giants and knew it was their God who had given them the victory.  Down through the history of the nation, holy prophets performed wonders by His power that gave witness that God was who He said He was—almighty, sovereign, and ruler over all.

God is not trying to hide or be secretive, but He’s making known.  He’s making Himself known, making His power known, making His truth known, making His character known, His love known, His salvation known.  The death of Christ was not done in secret.  A multitude of people witnessed it out in the open on that hill that day.  They saw the mangled Son of God offered up on that cross.  They saw the crown of thorns, the nails driven in, the blood spilling out.  They heard Him cry, watched Him die, saw the veil rent in two, felt the earth shake.  They experienced His death in person.  And then many saw Him alive again.

And God didn’t choose to reveal these things just to His followers or a select few, because He gave us a whole book.  He tells us the whole story, even the ending.  He exposes the truth to us in a way that we can know it, because He wants us all to know His truth and therefore know Him.  And if we won’t listen to His Word, the whole of creation testifies of Him.  Our world itself reveals that He is, that He is good, that He loves us, and that He can be found.  His glory is visible.  His majesty is seen.  His beauty can be experienced all around us.

The truth is, God can be known.  He wants us to know Him, to know we can trust Him, and to go to Him for everything we need.  He calls out to us, but we have to respond.  We can witness these things, but we have to open our eyes.  He’s given us the evidence, the proof, the truth, but we have to believe Him.  And when we do, He’ll keep showing us more and more.  When we turn to Him and refuse to look away distracted by the things of the world, we’ll see more of Him and more of His righteousness and all the amazing things He’s doing all around us.  So let’s learn all we can, and let’s know for ourselves all these things that He has made known to us.