He Hears Our Cries

Psalm 130:1-2
Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O LORD.  Lord, hear my voice: let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications.

There is hope, even if we’ve sunk low, because there is never a place we can get to where we are too far for the Lord to hear our cries.  So let us recognize whenever we find ourselves in the depths that He is there and we can call upon Him.  Let us always have the faith that He will hear us even then.  And may we also cry out with the faith that the pleas of His needy children always elicit a response from His loving heart.

Isn’t it true that a parent’s ears are tuned to the cries of their child?  No matter what else is happening or who else is talking, they can pick out that voice and focus in on their beloved.  Those cries of “Mommy” or “Daddy” draw them close so they can answer, meet a need, offer comfort, or just be there for their child.  And it works the same way with our heavenly Father.  In the noise and the chaos of life around us, He can pick out our cry from the multitude.  He turns toward us and gives us His focus and attention.  He stoops down to be near to us and to respond to what we ask of Him.  He deals with us so tenderly.  And He can help us no matter what we are facing.

The truth is, we need God, and we need Him a lot, maybe much more than we sometimes like to admit.  But we can depend on Him like a child depends on his parents.  We can look to Him with expectation because He is available to us and desires to meet our needs, to bless and help us and pick us up when we fall.  He wants to be our great comforter and offer us a strength beyond anything we could find in ourselves.  He is willing to respond every time we call to Him.  And He will listen to everything we say.

Whenever we find ourselves in those low places, let us remember there is someone we can reach for.  Our great God is available to us, so let’s never be afraid to call out to Him.  Sometimes we find ourselves in desperate situations.  Sometimes the things of life just overwhelm us.  And while we may sink a little, we’ll never drown.  We may feel like we can never rise, but He will lift us up.  So let us simply trust Him and trust that our cries will reach Him.