Known By God

2 Timothy 2:19a
Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his.

God knows us as Creator.  He made us exactly who we are and how we are.  And as Creator, He knows His creation very well.  A baker who makes bread knows every ingredient that went into the dough, down to the exact measurements.  He knows each part and how it will fit together and what the outcome will be.  And he makes it that way with a particular outcome in mind.  In the same way, God puts each of us together just so.  He knows everything that makes up our personalities.  He knows how all the parts of us will combine to make us who we are, and He has a purpose for us.

Jesus knows us as human beings.  He came to this Earth and took on human form.  He knew what it was to be a person.  He knew pain and hunger, grief and joy.  He knew work and walking and talking and listening.  He knew praying to the Father from a human standpoint.  He knew what it was to be tempted.  He knew what it was to have friends and enemies.  He knew what it was to be small, to see the world from our perspective.  He knows what kinds of feelings we have and the struggles we deal with.  He knew humanness from God’s perspective.

The Savior knows us as sinners.  He knows every sin we hide in our hearts and try to deny and the sins we repent of.  He knows the true cost of our sin and the true evil that it represents.  He knows we have sinned and we will sin again.  He knows we needed Him to pay our price.  He knows us as His own precious possession, bought with the price of His blood.

The Father knows us as His children.  He knows us personally, individually, by name.  He can tell us apart from all the rest.  We are all different, but we are all special to Him.  And we are His, and that is what makes all the difference.  He gives to us liberally.  He protects us and guards us.  He knows what is best for us and seeks to give it to us in all circumstances.  He loves us with the perfect love of a perfect Father.

The truth is, God knows us.  He doesn’t just know about us, He knows the deepest, most intimate parts of who we are.  He knows our hearts and our most secret thoughts.  Of course, that means there is no hiding from God, but it also means that even when we are at a loss to express a need, a thought, a feeling, He knows all about it in a way even we couldn’t understand.  It should be a comfort that we can go before Him in our weakest and most broken state and He will know just what to do to help us.  When joy overflows, He shares that with us, as well.  And He enjoys close fellowship with us as we walk and talk with Him each day.