Taste and See

Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Many people today scoff at the idea of faith in God.  They don’t want to believe in God or that He is the creator of all things.  There are also many misperceptions about who God is, that perhaps He is intent only on destruction and judgment.  Many people are callous and hardhearted towards the idea of a loving God who would bless them.  But that’s just like pre-judging someone we’ve never met before or letting gossip skew our opinion of someone before we get to know them ourselves.  There’s nothing like experiencing something for ourselves in order to find out the truth.

And when we’re willing to take that leap of faith, when we dive into that ocean, when we let go of whatever was holding us back, we’ll experience that great goodness of God for ourselves.  When we can surrender all to Him, when we will seek Him with all our hearts, when we shed everything that would hinder us and make that decision to trust Him, we will find for ourselves a loving Lord reaching out to us, a Father waiting to embrace His children, a Master who will guide His people with wisdom and grace.  And when we draw near and partake of that fellowship with our Creator, we’ll find a depth of relationship with Him beyond what we could have hoped for.

We have nothing to lose, but much to gain, by stepping out in faith and trusting God.  Just one little taste of His love and goodness will be enough to leave us craving for more.  When we let all our doubts and inhibitions fly, we won’t regret our choice to forsake all others for Him.  When we’ve felt His peace in the midst of a storm or felt His joy in the darkness or experienced His mercy when we’ve fallen into sin or felt His love in some lonely, fearful moment, we’ll know beyond any shadow of a doubt how real He is.  And when He is so real to us on such a personal level, we’ll experience untold blessings in our lives.

The Lord truly is good.  He is very good.  He is always good.  And we can always trust Him.  What comfort that can bring to us.  What strength can come just from knowing that.  If we’ve been keeping God at arm’s length, hesitant to accept Him, let’s just take a step and see for ourselves the kind of God we can know and serve.  And if we have drunk from that fountain, if we’ve supped at His table, if we’ve tasted that bread, may we rejoice in the opportunity to know Him and know Him better day by day.  Let us continue to trust Him no matter what and experience His goodness more and more in our lives.

Your thoughts?

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