Committed to God

2 Chronicles 15:12
And they entered into a covenant to seek the LORD God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul;

When we’ve served the Lord for a long time, sometimes it may seem like we’ve lost some of our fervor for the Lord. Perhaps the work God has called us to has become difficult in some way and we’ve become disheartened.  Maybe some sin or sinful attitude in our heart has caused us to serve the Lord only halfheartedly.  Maybe we’re holding something back from God and our heart is far from Him.

If we’ve lost any amount of dedication to the Lord, let’s make a new commitment to Him this day to seek Him anew with our whole heart and soul.  Let us this day surrender anew our time, our talents, our treasures to God and His work, to building our relationship with Him, to serving Him and those around us.  Let’s put away our idols, tear down the groves and the high places we’ve allowed into our lives and return with a new commitment to serve the one true God in the way He has asked us to, following His pattern and His commands.

All around us the world goes astray, seeking their own way, seeking to fulfill their own desires, perverting the truth of God and His ways.  Perhaps even our brethren go astray, seeking these things alongside the world.  Let’s not allow others to lead us astray or turn from following what we know is right.  Let’s not allow any part of this world to capture our hearts and keep us from seeking God with all that is within us.

But we are weak and feeble creatures, prone to sin.  So let’s not rely on our own strength to keep our commitment to the Lord, but instead surrender ourselves to God and ask Him to help us remain faithful.  Let’s turn again and again to God, renewing our desire to seek Him day by day with a whole heart and nothing less.  If our hearts are faltering, let’s turn back to God.  Let’s seek Him prayerfully and ask Him to strengthen us in our dedication to Him.

A renewed commitment to God may involve spending more time in His Word, searching the Scriptures to know more about God and how He expects us to live our lives.  It may involve spending more time in prayer, opening our hearts to His in a quiet place.  It may require us to give up something important to us or take a different path.  We may need to recommit ourselves to faithful church attendance to hear the Word and be among God’s people.  We may have to surrender to God’s call for obedience in some area of our lives.  Whatever it takes, let’s enter into a covenant to seek God with our whole heart.

Your thoughts?

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