Stopping to Help

Mark 10:49
And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called.  And they call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee.

Was anyone in history ever busier than our Lord Jesus during His ministry on Earth?  And yet He was never too busy to stop for someone in need.  Indeed, many of His travels involved encounters with individuals along the way who needed something from Him desperately, and He was always willing to get involved in their lives.  So what a moment this is for blind Bartimaeus.  No longer would he be ignored.  No longer would his needs go unmet.  No longer would he be helpless and beggarly.  No longer would he ever be the same.

Jesus still stops and calls out to those in need of His touch upon their lives.  And what a thrill it is to our hearts at that moment when we are begging at the side of the road and we realize that Jesus has stood still for us.  Let us rise, then, and go to Him.  Let us cast off forever who we used to be, shed the label of sinner and exchange it for redeemed child of God.  Any who call upon Him will be saved.  His ear is tuned to every plea for mercy, and He stops heaven and Earth to bestow upon us His love and forgiveness.

What is it at this very moment that we need from our Lord?  What desperate plea might we make to Him if we was walking past right now?  Let us take that need and present it before Him.  Let us find comfort in the grace He offers to us.  Let us never be afraid to cry out to Him and share our hearts with Him.  And then let us go away with thankful gratitude when He meets our greatest needs.  Let’s be sure to always give Him praise for how He is working in our own lives.

But then let us also follow Jesus’ example.  What needs are we able to meet?  Can we hear someone crying out along the way who we can go to and minister to?  Will we allow our busyness to be an excuse not to get involved in someone else’s life, or will we take the time to make a difference?  Are our ears tuned to the cries of broken people all around us?  Let us show the love of Christ to these desperate ones.  Let us introduce them to our Savior.  Let us tell them about the One who meets our every need and will meet all of theirs, too.


One thought on “Stopping to Help

  1. Rachel, I have been catching up on back posts as I have a few minutes here and there. They are all so very good. I hope someone will publish them some day so that many others will have the opportunity to read them and take hope and help from them. Keep on writing. God bless!


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