Always Remember

Judges 8:34
And the children of Israel remembered not the LORD their God, who had delivered them out of the hands of all their enemies on every side:

Behind a locked door, we thought we were safe.  The windows were shut tight, and the curtains were drawn.  All the lights were out, and we cowered in the darkness, hoping to remain unseen.  But despite our best efforts to build a barricade, they were coming for us.  Our enemies of sin and death had us surrounded.  As they closed in, we looked for a way of escape, but there was nowhere to run and nowhere left to hide.  We feared this would be the end, until Jesus came.

He came and drove out sin and the darkness and the fear that came with it.  He conquered death in one swift blow and left the grave behind.  Our enemies were defeated at the hands of Christ, left strewn on the battlefield, unable to hurt us any longer.  Where once we were oppressed, now we are free.  Where once we were bound, now the chains have all fallen away.  Where we were once hopeless, now a glorious light of hope shines into our lives.

Such a moment surely couldn’t be forgotten, could it?  That’s what happened to the children of Israel.  God had defeated all their enemies.  When they were surrounded and had no way of escape, He drove out the opposition and gave them the victory over all who would come against them.  And yet they turned their backs on God time and time again.

Let’s be on guard against a similar attitude in our own hearts.  After all God has done for us, do we continually turn aside to idols of this world?  Do we forsake Him even though He would never leave us behind?  Have we forgotten God in the midst of our daily lives?  Every breath we take should remind us that we are alive with new life and no longer headed to hell.  Every victory in our life, big or small, should remind us of the ultimate victory achieved by Jesus and imparted to us.

Let’s not let the godless world around us lead us astray and cause us to forget God in our lives.  Let’s not let worries or troubles overshadow our minds so that God doesn’t even pass through our thoughts.  He did something so amazing for us.  How dare we forget.  How dare we choose not to remember Him each day and acknowledge Him as our protector, our defender, the one who conquered our enemies once and for all.