Meditating on the Word

Psalm 119:148
Mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word.

How often do we think upon God’s Word?  Is it only in church on Sunday that we consider His Word?  Do we quickly get a reading in for the day and go about our business?  Are we too rushed and busy to even spend any time in God’s Word?  Here is an example for us to strive for.  Will we put off sleep to think about the things of God, to meditate upon His Word?  Will thoughts of our Father’s glorious truths roll through our minds throughout the day, or do we confine Him to our devotions once a day?  Can we take just a portion, no matter the number of chapters or verses, and let His truths sink in deeply?  Will we take the time to ponder what God may be speaking to our own heart?

We should not simply read for the sake of reading.  Yes, some truth may trickle through that way.  Some insight may come to mind.  But perhaps we can go into our Bible reading with a different attitude.  We can come as a humble student before our Master to learn the truths of His ways.  We can come expecting to hear from God, expecting to be changed, expecting His Spirit to work in our hearts.  But it takes more effort than scanning a page.  Like studying for a test in school, we must read to understand, read in context, and read to apply what we have read.  We can take it one verse at a time just to stop and think about it, dissect it, and dig for the root of truth God’s Word holds for us.

We may have to ask ourselves how much time we are willing to give to God from our day.  We may need to examine what our thoughts often resort to and find tools to keep our minds on the things of God throughout the day.  We may need to get up early or stay up late, like the psalmist does here, to give ourselves an opportunity to meditate on God’s Word, to spend the time necessary to learn what He would have us to from each passage.

As we spend more time in our Bibles and spend more time thinking about the things we’ve read, our love for God’s Word deepens and grows.  Our desire to learn more increases, and there are many treasures to be found by seeking hearts.  We may find ourselves reaching for our Bible instead of another book or the TV remote.  Our thoughts will be drawn back often to passages of Scripture as we go about our day, and it will guide our steps and draw us closer to God.  Let’s not forsake intimate mediation upon God’s Word, no matter when or where we may find time to spend with Him.