Living Water

John 4:15
The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.

Getting water from a well is a tedious task.  It must be done every day, perhaps multiple times a day.  And there is almost a desperation in this woman, who is perhaps tired and weary of not finding satisfaction or peace in her life, from going through the same motions every day only to have to do them again the next.  Her relationships, her spiritual life, her lot in life perhaps left her feeling a little thirsty.  And every day she came to this well, and every day she went home still thirsting for something better, something more.

So to not have to toil every day at the well, to not have to depend on some outside source, but to have that fountain flowing freely within was sure to be a sweet relief.  To see the truth and know the truth, to know Jesus, to encounter Him personally and to believe on Him is the difference between traipsing to the well every day and having a spring right inside our home.  Because once He is with us, He is always with us, providing, guiding, ministering and working in our lives, filling us up to fullness and satisfaction.

To know Jesus is an end to a life of working and striving and bearing burdens in order to find something satisfying.  Knowing Jesus is the beginning of a life of freedom from the shackles of sin and the weariness of working and hoping to find favor, because He has done the work Himself and gives to us the reward.  To know Jesus is to end our days of longing and seeking, because without even realizing it, He was what we so desperately needed.

So many things in this life are transient.  So many things pass away.  So few things last.  To a woman who had to go get water from a well every day, the idea of water that took away thirst permanently and that she didn’t have to go to draw was very appealing.  And if we’re finding ourselves a little thirsty, maybe it’s time to stop going to the well to try to draw up some temporary satisfaction, and maybe it’s time to draw closer to Jesus and drink again of the fountain of life He has so freely given to us.