God and Man

John 10:33
The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

One of the most amazing things about Jesus was that He was a man.  He was born into this world as a helpless baby and faced all the same things we face.  He experienced cold and hunger and thirst.  He felt sadness and anger and disappointment.  He found fellowship and friendship and love and joy.  And in the end, He faced isolation, pain, and darkness.  But Jesus was also God, and somehow the Pharisees couldn’t quite wrap their minds around that.  The works they might have believed to have come from God, but here was Jesus, someone who they viewed as an equal or even looked down upon as beneath them, and they couldn’t accept this man as God.

But Jesus wasn’t a man making Himself God.  He was God who had made Himself man.  That changes things a little, because it wasn’t a man puffing himself up to be greater than he was, but it was Almighty God humbling Himself to be merely a man.  The one who holds the world in His hands now walked upon it.  The one who gave breath to mankind now breathed just like him.  The one who rules and reigns from on high came down so low.  And the one who owns everything gave it all up.

Jesus was so much God that He could do all these amazing works.  He could do so much good for people.  But He was so much man that the Pharisees could not see God in Him.  Do we ever struggle at times to see Jesus as more than a man?  We may admit that He did some amazing things and view Him as a good person, but do we understand how much more He was than that?

The fact that Jesus was a man should bring us great comfort, not be a stumbling block to belief in Him.  He came all the way from heaven out of pure love for us to live and die and rise again for us.  He dwelt in flesh among us, and therefore we can be closer to Him than we ever could have dreamed.  But not only that, He understands firsthand what it is to be human.  He can relate so intimately to every struggle we face.  It can be hard to wrap our minds around the fact that Jesus was fully God and fully man, but when we accept Him for who He was and all that He is, He can make a big impact on our lives.