Searching for Truth

1 Kings 10:1
And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to prove him with hard questions.

We have to be willing to take the journey and find out the truth for ourselves.  We can only learn so much by hearing about things from others without experiencing them for ourselves.  The queen of Sheba had heard so much about Solomon and his great wisdom and the splendor of his kingdom.  She heard the stories, but people can say anything.  And if she was to know for sure the truth of this matter, she would have to see and hear and experience it for herself.

When the queen took her journey to visit Solomon, she came prepared.  She brought hard questions to a man who was said to be the wisest to ever live.  And what better way to prove that than with a display that would reveal everything she wanted to know?  And so let us be prepared for whatever we would seek.  Let’s bring the hard questions to prove the wise man.  Let’s make sure that when we go, we get a sure answer.  Let’s not make the effort to go and then leave with doubts because we saw and heard but didn’t prove the truth that we came to pursue.

What kinds of things are we seeking?  What truths do we need to be sure of for ourselves?  Perhaps it is something we can take before the Lord.  We can bring Him our hard questions, and He will show Himself faithful to hear and to answer.  Or maybe God is pushing us to step out and find something for ourselves instead of depending on other people’s experiences and trying to live vicariously through them.  We have to get up close and personal with God and His work and His ministries for us and find ourselves in the midst instead of on the fringe.

Or maybe we’ve heard about this thing called Christianity but never examined it fully for ourselves.  Maybe we trusted too much in what others told us about God or who Jesus was or what the Bible says instead of diving in to His Word to find out for ourselves.  Maybe we’ve never pursued that relationship with Jesus for ourselves because we were relying on someone else’s testimony of faith.  If so, it’s time to take that journey and prove it out for ourselves.  Whatever the circumstances of our lives or the answers we seek, let’s not be content to take someone else’s word, but seek out each truth to apply them to our own lives.

Your thoughts?

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