Putting It Into Practice

Psalm 119:112
I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes alway, even unto the end.

Bible study, just like other kinds of study, needs to be applied in order to be most beneficial to us.  Someone who studies and learns how to fix cars but then fails to put their knowledge into practice is left with a broken-down car.  Someone who learns how to cook but doesn’t apply their skills goes hungry.  Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two completely different things.  And we should progress in our lives from reading, studying and knowing God’s Word to putting it into practice and deliberately applying it to our lives.

Once we know what God’s will is and what He expects of us, we still have to make the decision to obey and follow it, to make it a reality in our individual lives.  And once we make up our minds that we will follow what God says, it makes it easier to actually follow through with that commitment.  The life of a Christian is not one of sitting back and absorbing knowledge and expecting to grow.  We must put effort into putting the teachings of God into practice.

We should make obeying God a lifelong practice in our lives, and we should determine that we will follow through all the way until the end.  We should never come to a place where we get so far in our Christian walk and then stop.  We should never feel that we’re too old to keep up with it or that God’s commands no longer apply to us.

Perhaps we’re at a point where we’re thriving in our walk with God.  Let’s determine in this time of plenty to persevere until the end.  Let’s take a strong stand now, when our hearts are knit most closely to God’s, that we will never forsake His truths, never compromise no matter what the world may throw at us, and to finish our course just as strongly as we began it.  Let’s incline our hearts along with the psalmist to perform the statues of God always in our lives.  If we haven’t yet started to obey God, let’s take that first step today.  If we’ve gotten off track, let’s recommit ourselves to being obedient to all God has asked of us.  Let’s examine our hearts and look closely at each area of our life to ensure we are following God’s will and God’s way.