Our Inheritance

Psalm 47:3-4
He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet.  He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom he loved.  Selah.

Didn’t God decide He wanted the promised land for His people?  He called Abraham to go, or else he would have stayed in his homeland forever.  He called out Moses and the people from Egypt when they would have been content to stay.  He fought the battles.  He drove out the occupants.  It was God’s doing because He wanted that place for them.  In a lot of ways, they were unwilling to take it.  But He laid it out and prepared it for them.  God decided the lots and assigned each tribe a portion that would be their inheritance.

As God’s people today, His beloved in Christ, He has chosen an inheritance for us.  He has decided upon and prepared for us a place to dwell.  He has determined our portion.  He has made it possible.  We are simply the recipients of that.  One day we will enter into that special land He’s prepared for us and all that it entails.  He will give into our hands not something we’ve earned or deserve, but something He wants to give to us because He loves us.

God’s got our future taken care of, so then can’t we also trust Him with where we are right now, our path through this life?  Doesn’t He also choose for us our lot in life, so to speak?  He leads and guides us every step of the way from one place to another or one task to another.  He calls us to ministries.  He shapes and molds us to be suited for certain things He would have us do.  And He blesses us abundantly here in this life as we continue to seek and follow Him.

It was God’s will for Israel to inherit the land, and so they did.  It is God’s will for His people to have a home with Him in heaven, and so we will.  God has a lot of things prepared in the future for Israel and for His church, and so we have all of that to look forward to.  And even now, we can trust our great and wise God to give us our portion, to assign us to our place and provide for our needs.  So let us simply be willing to surrender to His leadership and accept those things He desires to give to us.