A Temporary Life

Luke 16:25
But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

A lot of times it seems our thinking is upside down.  We focus too much on this life and what we have and don’t have.  A lot of times we have a hard time thinking past our immediate circumstances and our temporary life on earth.  We think too much of the here and now and what we’re going to do and what we can gain and forget that there is something else coming beyond this life that matters so much more.  Instead of thinking so much about our short lives here, we should pay more attention to the next life and what we’ll have, or won’t have, there.

And if we think that way, we don’t have to worry if things don’t go our way here, if we receive evil things, face hardships, struggle, suffer, if we’re a beggar full of sores, poor and hungry, like Lazarus.  Because all those things will come to an end.  Those things will pass away.  And when our life here is done, we’ll be comforted in the arms of Jesus, as long as we are a child of God.  Then we will receive good things.  There we will partake of a feast and be clothed in righteousness and rejoice in the presence of our Savior.

The rich man had much to be envied during his time on earth.  He had the best of everything in life.  But when his temporal life was over and his eternal one had begun, he could only wish for what Lazarus had.  Surely he would have traded in his palace and his bags of gold and his barns full of grain for just one second in paradise.  Because in hell, he has nothing—no relief, no comfort, no rest.  Surely the luxuries of his life on earth offered no solace to him as he burned in that flame.

Let’s not rest in our riches during our time on earth, but instead ensure our souls will not end up in hell to be tormented forever.  One day it will be too late to make that choice if we haven’t already, and surely we will regret it eternally if we don’t.  Sometimes it is difficult to think beyond this life we have now.  But our lives are fragile, and that day can come at any time.  And though we may have hardships during this life, if we have Christ, we have the greatest treasure already but then also the hope of heaven and eternity with Him.  So let’s keep our focus in the right place and have the proper perspective about our lives here on earth.

Your thoughts?

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