A Future Hope

Jeremiah 32:42
For thus saith the LORD; Like as I have brought all this great evil upon this people, so will I bring upon them all the good that I have promised them.

It must have been difficult in the midst of God’s judgment for the people to have any hope for anything good.  What they were facing was extreme, and it was full of challenges and heartache and pain.  Death was coming to many.  War and battle were coming.  Famine was coming.  Captivity was coming.  But far off on the horizon, deliverance was coming.  Afar off, a redeemer would come and draw all the people back to God and allow them to dwell in safety and grow and thrive.  Somewhere beyond what they could see or understand, there was a hope.  But they had to have faith in order to find it.

So it is in our lives, as well.  When we are in the midst of hard times, we can barely fathom that something good is coming around the corner.  When the burdens of life weigh us down and it seems like only enemies are surrounding us and fear is on every side because our worst nightmares are coming true, it can be hard to find hope.  When we’ve fallen into sin and God’s convicting hand is upon us, it can seem like we will never be restored.

But God’s promises always stand, and everything He says comes to pass.  And when we can’t find hope anywhere in our situation, we just need to look to God.  Because somewhere we can’t see right now, He has something much better prepared for us.  Somewhere beyond our field of vision is a place of safety prepared for us, a place with no more struggle and heartache and pain and defeat, only victory and joy and glory in the Lord.  And even before we ever get to heaven, God has plans that will work out for our good if we only trust in Him, even if we can’t imagine it ever being possible.

No matter what comes along in our lives, we have to remember that we can trust God.  We must trust Him.  He gives many promises to us throughout His Word, and we can rely on them.  Even if we don’t understand what is happening and even if it seems like things can never change, we can have hope for a better future.  God has not stopped working, nor will He rescind His promises.  So let us go forward by faith, choosing to trust God no matter what we may face.

Your thoughts?

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