Faith for What Is Next

Numbers 13:30
And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

Caleb’s faith was strong.  He knew God was going to give Israel the land before them and that He would provide no matter what obstacles may have appeared.  This was the Promised Land, and it was fruitful and good land.  It was what God wanted them to have.  And though the others around him saw only difficulties, troubles, and negatives, Caleb saw the good in it and trusted that God would provide.  We can follow Caleb’s example of faith in our own lives.

First of all, he was willing to go right away.  Here they were, right at the border of the land.  They had spied out the land, and Caleb was ready to go and take it.  There was no hesitation, no trepidation, no doubt in his mind.  When we are fully trusting God, we should have no hesitation about taking the next step.  We can go right away when we are following God’s will, and we can move ahead with confidence.  There is no need to wait if God is calling us to go.  It is not necessary to discuss or debate.  The next step is action, moving forward, going up at once.

Secondly, Caleb was ready to possess the land.  That was the fulfillment of God’s promise to the people, and he was going to claim it.  They would not be dwelling among the people already there or sneaking back through as spies.  When next they went, it would be to claim their possession of the land.  In our lives, we can take what God has given to us.  If He’s blessed us with a new home or a new job, we shouldn’t hesitate to take ownership of it.  We can trust God’s promises in Scripture and possess them in our personal lives.  We can possess the gift of salvation, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word.  We can possess the peace and joy that comes from knowing Jesus as Savior.

Finally, Caleb’s complete reliance was on the Lord.  It didn’t matter how big the people were or how many warriors dwelt in the land.  He knew his God was bigger and mightier than any army they would face.  He knew they were not relying on their own army or their own power.  The beauty of living by faith for us is that we can trust the Lord to provide what we will need in any given situation.  We don’t have to rely on ourselves.  It is God who enables us and works through us and uses us.  Our part is simply to trust and obey.

No matter what we are facing, no matter the circumstances awaiting us on the other side, whether blessing or barrier or both, let’s follow Caleb’s example of faith and not give in to doubt.  On the surface, things may seem overwhelming.  The obstacles may seem insurmountable.  But let’s not forget that God is with us, and His power is on our side when we’re relying on Him.