Psalm 33:8-9
Let all the earth fear the LORD: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.  For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast.

What do we think of God?  How do we imagine Him?  Is He small and contained within our own limitations?  Or do we truly stand in awe of His amazing power?  Do we tremble before our Almighty God in reverential fear?  He is powerful enough to speak the world into existence.  Our words are so weak.  They may hurt others or inspire people.  They may encourage or convict.  But they only have the power that we give to them.  A man may command another group of men as soldiers, but his orders can be disobeyed.  God commands, controls, dictates, and He is obeyed.  The realization of this should produce a humility and a surrender in each of us.

Let’s not try to drag God down to our level, but instead exalt Him and lift Him high.  Let’s realize the true magnitude of His greatness.  Let’s look to Him with a new appreciation that He is not like a mere man who can fail or fall, but He is Almighty God, perfect in honor and glory.  Let’s stand in awe of Him as we behold His goodness, His mercy, His blessings.  Let’s seek out the truth about the character of our God and be amazed at what we find.  All power belongs to Him.  Peace can only come from Him.  He is the ultimate source of life and light.  He is patient and longsuffering.  His kindness extends beyond the boundaries of our Earth.  His mercy is deeper than any ocean.  His righteousness envelops our lives, and His holiness radiates beyond all universes.

How great is our God.  How much more we should recognize this in our lives and bow before Him in deep reverence.  We must be careful not to trivialize Him, not to take Him for granted.  If just His words are so powerful, how much greater must His hands be which hold us up.  How much greater must His arms be, which shield us in times of trouble.  How much greater His power when He works and moves among us by His Spirit.  It is truly above all our understanding.

His words were enough to create everything in existence, to set the bounds of the sea, to set the planets in motion.  His words are powerful, and His Word should be a powerful and mighty influence in our lives, causing us, out of love and thankfulness, to choose to obey and follow Him and His commands.

Let’s avoid the trap of thinking too lowly of God or bringing Him down to our level.  He is to be exalted and lifted up.  Let’s seek to understand as much as possible His true nature, His true place of glory and honor.  Scripture reveals so much about the character of God and who He is, and as we learn more and more about Him, we may not be able to even stand in awe, but only fall to our knees in humble worship of our God, our Father, our King.