Believing God

Acts 27:25
Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me.

When it comes down to it, this is the heart of the matter, the hinge on which everything in our lives will turn.  In any situation or circumstance, we must decide whether we will believe God.  This one decision will determine much in our lives.  The Bible is filled with God’s promises and His truth.  He reveals things to us through prayer or different events of our lives.  And there are two choices:  We can either believe God or consider Him a liar.

Sometimes it is hard to take God at His word in the midst of a struggle.  We can experience intense moments of weakness where everything seems hopeless or that there is no deliverance.  Our human minds cannot comprehend the power of God, cannot see as He does.  We are used to being let down in life.  We are used to broken promises.  It seems nowadays that being undependable is the norm.  But we have to look past the frailty of other mere men and stand sure on the power and promises of God, which never can nor will fail.

Look at what Paul was experiencing when he said these words.  He was a prisoner on a ship in the midst of a terrible storm.  Turbulent waves surrounded the boat, and there was nowhere to go to escape.  But God makes a promise in the midst of this storm that everyone on board would survive, and Paul believes God.  He has no fear, no panic, as the rest of the men do, and he is able to reassure them and find peace in the midst of this storm.

Sometimes it may take those storms of life to see that God is the only one we can trust, that God alone is who we must trust.  When we get to a point where there are only shifting seas beneath our feet, we see that everything else in life will let us down, will not suffice.  But God will be our solid ground, our safe harbor, our deliverance—everything we need to survive.

When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, let’s remember who is always faithful.  We can search the Scriptures to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness to us and to His promises.  We can seek out passages that apply to our circumstances and move forward with hope.  We can cry out to Him in prayer and pour out our hearts to His listening ear.  Then we wait for Him to answer, resting on the assurance that He will do what is best, choosing to believe what God says to us.

Your thoughts?

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