Matthew 15:36
And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.

What an amazing moment this was.  Jesus broke the bread to divide it among the multitude, but it increased instead of diminishing.  The more He broke it, the more there was so that everyone was filled.  The storehouse that is found in Christ cannot be diminished.  The more He gives, the more He has to give until everyone has enough, but even then there is still more left over.  All can come and receive from Him and be fully satisfied.

Let us stop trying to be self-sufficient and look to Jesus as our all-sufficient one.  We can take of His bread that never runs out instead of trying to scrape together what we can on our own.  We can take the little we do have and place it into His hands to be multiplied and thus become useful to those around us.  Anything that Jesus blesses and that comes from His hands is sufficient for our every lack.  So may we fully trust in Him, and may we purposely look to Him to meet all of our needs and seek Him for everything.

It all starts with Jesus at the head and goes out from Him to His disciples and then to the multitude.  All must originate from Him.  If it had started with the disciples, the seven loaves would have quickly been used up.  Anything we seek to give others must first come from Jesus through us.  The bread we would give—the good news of the Gospel—must originate from Him and pass through us to others who need it.  And then we must keep passing it on until everyone has had their fill.

This miracle of the multiplying loaves actually met a real need for a large group of people whose hunger was satisfied.  But then it is also a picture of the abundance that is found in Christ Himself.  He says that He is the bread of life and that we must partake of Him.  We must first come to Him in order to be filled, but then we are to pass it along to others.  Once we know Jesus as our Savior, we must seek out others who need to partake, as well, so that they, too, can be filled with the abundance only found in our sweet Lord.

Your thoughts?

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