Hearing the Message

Revelation 2:29
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

So then these messages are for all of us.  If we count ourselves as part of the true church of Jesus Christ, then let us heed His warnings.  Let us also be on guard against the things Jesus warns these churches about.  Let us hold fast to Christ and His truth and His true doctrine.  May our love for Him burn fervently within us in a perpetual flame that doesn’t diminish.  May we forsake the world and their worldly ideas and commit ourselves to Christ’s commission for us.  We have all we need in Him.  We have hope for our future because of Him.  And if He has touched a sore spot within us, then we have this chance to repent and turn aside from what is wrong to seek out what is right.

God gave His Word so that it could be proclaimed, so it could be taught and learned, so it could be known by us.  He had some things to say to us, important things He wanted us to know, and He made sure to say them, so we would do well to listen.  So may we take them as personally given to each of us so that we may then become what He wants us to be.  He had a purpose for the church in those early stages, and He has a purpose for us to have our part in it today.

So are we listening?  Do we take to heart the things Jesus is saying, or do we think that they, perhaps, only apply to someone else?  Are we willing to find ourselves, the truth of our hearts somewhere in these letters and make whatever changes are necessary?  Are we willing to be corrected by the Word of God and forsake some things or add some things or be more careful about some things?  And have we accepted God’s words to us as absolute truth and so treated them with the gravity they are due?

The main way that God speaks to us is through His Word, and Jesus had some specific words for these seven actual churches to encourage them to continue doing those things that pleased Him and to rebuke them for those things that didn’t so they could seek to make it right.  So let’s take advantage of these messages and apply them to our own lives.  Let’s accept Jesus’ honest assessment of us and make changes accordingly.  Let’s not ignore Him.  Let’s not close our ears to the things we’d rather not hear.  But may we always have ears to hear His Spirit speaking to our hearts.

Your thoughts?

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