Finding Jesus

John 1:35-37
Again the next day after John stood, and two of his disciples; And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!  And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus.

There is something special about beginnings.  We often look back with fondness at our “firsts” and the origins of our experiences.  And here were the first moments that some of the disciples got to interact with Jesus for themselves.  What hope and anticipation must have been in them as they were just starting a relationship with Jesus.  What an excitement they must have felt to have found the long-awaited Messiah and then to walk with Him and talk with Him and to know Him personally.  What an eagerness they had to know more about Him, to see where He dwelt, to follow after Him.

Can we think back on our own beginnings in Christ and reclaim that excitement and fervency for Him when it was all so new and fresh?  Can we remember what it was like to feel for the first time the freedom from sin and darkness, to understand that life didn’t have to be the same anymore, that we could be different because of Jesus?  Can we rewind our hearts back to that first moment of love for our Savior where we finally understood that our lives were to be about Him—following Him, serving Him, obeying Him—and observing in Him a perfect holiness that prodded us to want to be more like Him?  Do we remember what it felt like the first time we realized that God loved us and wanted us and gave His all for us?

And did all of those things compel us to follow Jesus, to seek to know Him better, to go where He would go and do what He would do?  Would we pursue a holy education at His feet and learn of Him and His ways?  Will we go and see all that He desires to share with us?  And will we refuse to hang back simply because the joy of His presence spurs us on to never want to leave His side, and would we suffer to be apart from Him?

If we are Christians, born-again believers, we have all once made that decision to follow after Jesus after He was pointed out to us.  Are we following Him still?  Have we veered off the path?  Have we started following something else instead?  Or have we remained faithful to our Lord throughout years of ups and downs?  And if we have continued to follow Him, have we pointed Him out to others along the way?  Have we told them the Lamb of God is alive and among us today, having given His life for us?  If we know for sure there was a time in our lives where we’ve given our lives to Christ, then let us truly give Him our lives.