Unmistakable Love

John 11:36
Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!

Jesus’ love is an evident love, a visible love, an expressed love.  His mourning at the gravesite of Lazarus showed a tenderness perhaps the people had failed to notice in Him before.  His grief revealed to them the compassion that burns in His heart for His people.  His falling tears made real to them the fullness of His love.  And can we not behold our Lord and look at what He has done and find real and true evidence of His love for us?

Love sent Jesus from heaven to be born as a tiny, helpless baby in the poorest of conditions to dwell among us.  Love propelled Him through His ministry as He proclaimed the truth of God and met the needs of those around Him.  The love of Christ was evident with every healing touch, every demon cast out, every sin forgiven, every hungry soul satisfied.  And at last, that love brought Jesus to Pilate’s court, endured the scourging of the Roman soldiers and felt the nails hammered in on the cross.  Love bore every sin.  Love bled dry.  And then love came back from the grave for us.

But Jesus’ love didn’t stop there.  It burns just as fervently in His heart as He sits on His throne as it did when He walked upon the Earth.  He still loves us and seeks us.  And that love still pursues us today.  It reaches deep into every heart.  It shows its mercy upon us and showers us with tokens of His affections.  It leads and guides and permeates our lives to the point where we can’t help but echo that love back to Him.

Jesus’ love isn’t a generic love.  He loves the whole world by loving each individual personally and completely.  He did what He did for each of us, and then He wants a relationship with each of us, with all of us.  Have we experienced the love of Jesus for ourselves?  Have we mourned with Him over our own spiritual death and our personal sins that brought us to that state and then allowed His forgiveness and His mercy to lift us up to new life in Him?  Will we deny His love or accept it?  And once we have accepted it, is our own love as unmistakable as His?