Like Children

Matthew 18:2-3
And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

We would do well sometimes to think like little children. It seems when we are kids, we always want to be older, to get to that next milestone and finally reach adulthood. But maybe we should carry with us some attributes of being children. The simple faith of a child is beautiful—without all of our rational adult thinking to get in the way of simple trust. A child asks his parents for something he needs and expects to receive it. A child recognizes his own neediness. No matter how old we are, that is still our position before God. We are His needy children, and we can ask Him with confidence to meet all of our needs.

“Carry me.” A young child is not afraid to make this request. Perhaps he is weary from too much walking, more than his little legs can handle. Perhaps the close comfort of being borne in the arms of his parents is all that he needs. Let’s not be afraid to make such a request of our heavenly Father. When we are weary on life’s journey, traveling a long and difficult road, we can ask God to carry us when we feel we can’t manage one more step. Perhaps we’ve wandered around too many wrong paths and need our Father to carry us to the right path and set us on our way. Perhaps a long and lonely road has simply left us with a desire for the comfort of the strong, sure arms of our Father around us, bearing us up from our burden.

A child will cry with the expectation that his parents will respond. No problem is too petty or small. No desire or burden seems too big. And though parents may not have infinite wisdom or ability to solve everything perfectly every time, a child still relies on his parents in any circumstances he faces. How much more, then, should we cry out to our Father, who does have infinite wisdom and power to work in our lives in a way that is best for us. We can go to our Father anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter who else is around or the time of day. He is there to hear us and help us and give us His full attention.

A child carries his own sense of helplessness, and sometimes becoming a self-sufficient adult can cause us to lose that view of ourselves to the point where we try to rely on ourselves instead of on God. So though we grow and mature in other ways, let’s seek to retain childlike faith in our precious Father.