Singing His Praises

Psalm 59:16
But I will sing of thy power; yea, I will sing aloud of thy mercy in the morning: for thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble.

David always found much to sing about and rejoice in. He lived a troubled life for many years as he ran from Saul and faced being killed by him and others on many occasions. But his heart was knit with God’s in such a way that his thoughts were always on Him. He was always keenly aware of God working in his life and touching his life. He felt God’s presence very strongly and relied on Him completely. And God honored his faith by blessing him in many ways and protecting him through all the troubles he faced.

We might ask ourselves what we have to sing about. Instead of focusing on our troubles or difficulties, let’s look for God’s goodness and grace in our situation. Let’s see that He is there in the midst of whatever we are facing and sing His praises for that. Instead of focusing on a disappointment, let’s trust that God’s plan is being worked out and we will be blessed in a different way we couldn’t have imagined. Instead of only seeing negative outcomes, let’s focus on a loving God who has our best in mind.

The truth is, we would have much more to sing about if our focus was more on God and less on ourselves. God’s power is still working all across our world and in our own small lives. His power is not diminished by our small faith or our small praises or our failure to recognize Him at all. God’s mercy is ever-present in our lives. Each day He offers us forgiveness and second chances, new hope and new blessings. He has been there for us before and will continue to be with us always. How can we contain our praises to a whisper when our God is deserving of a sweet song from our thankful hearts?

A heavy heart can be lightened by a song of praise to our Heavenly Father. A burdened heart can be set free by singing about God’s constant provision. A weary soul can find strength in a song of God’s infinite might. The saddest spirit will find joy in a song of God’s abundant love. A troubled mind can find peace in a song focused on our Savior. Let’s seek to sing like David to the Lord, looking past ourselves and our problems and recognizing the majesty of Almighty God in our lives.