Nothing but the Truth

John 18:38a
Pilate said unto him, What is truth?

Imagine that there is a white wall and someone asks what color the wall is. If we say that the wall is red, we are obviously lying. Now imagine that we paint the wall red. If we say that the wall is red now, we are telling the truth, but only because we made it that way. Don’t we do this sometimes in our lives? We paint over the truth in the color we want it to be and ignore the pure white truth that remains underneath. We manipulate things a little here and there until things are more comfortable or appealing for us.

But ignoring the truth or trying to change it doesn’t alter it at the core. A lie that is believed by many people is still a lie. Truth doesn’t depend on people’s belief or unbelief. A conflicting viewpoint cannot change a fact. Everywhere we turn, people are trying to paint their own version of truth. And while it may look good on the outside and sound great, anything outside of the Word of God will ultimately lead to disappointment.

According to that Word, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. The truth is God’s love. The truth is God’s plan. The truth is God’s Son. Real, sincere, indisputable, beyond a shadow of a doubt is Jesus Christ, our Lord, our King, the living Word. He is sure and dependable and faithful. The reason God abhors lying so much is because truth is at the very core of who He is. And when we believe in that truth, really and truly believe, it can change us and change our world, because it sets us free.

Why is truth so important? There is a certain power in truthfulness, an assurance that is there when someone is trustworthy. It is easy to lie. It is easy to just say anything and pass it off as truth. But truth will always stand where lies will fall and crumble. Truth without deception is true love, an imitation of God, and a mark of integrity.

Let’s ask ourselves how important truth is to us. Are we willing to accept God’s truth in totality, or do we try to cover over the parts we don’t like as much? Are we committed to conducting our lives on the basis of truth? A knowledge and growing understanding of the truth will help us to discern fact from fiction. When we know what the Word of God says, we will easily be able to spot deception. Let’s not try to cover over the truth with own version, but depend completely on God’s Word as it was given to us.