Hiding From God

Psalm 10:11
He hath said in his heart, God hath forgotten: he hideth his face; he will never see it.

Sometimes we may see a little child cover his eyes in an attempt to hide.  He figures that if he can’t see anyone, then no one can see him.  This seems like such a naïve attitude to us, but don’t we sometimes fall into that mindset ourselves?  The Bible tells us in this psalm that the wicked pretends he can get away with his evil deeds.  And though it may sometimes seem like evil does prevail, no one ultimately escapes God’s judgment.

Even we as Christians can be guilty of this attitude.  We may forget God, but He never forgets us.  We may hide our sins from everyone else, but God still sees.  We may fool ourselves into thinking we can get away with something that we know we shouldn’t do, but God knows what we are considering in our hearts before the deed is even done.  Let’s not make a mockery of God like the wicked man does by denying Him those most basic things that He possesses of absolute authority, omniscience, and judgment.  God is not an old man to be easily fooled, but a holy God to be honored and respected.

While God does not hide His face or cover His eyes, though He sees all and knows all, there is still redemption.  If we stop trying to hide our sin and confess it before Him, He forgives us.  The true release from sin’s grip is not in denying it or hiding it, but confessing it to God.  God’s mercy and longsuffering are not signs of weakness or evidence of His approval of what we are doing, but they are parts of His character that demonstrate His love, as He wants us to be free from sin, not slaves to it.

Mostly what pride comes down to is thinking we can do whatever we want, that rules don’t apply to us, that we can get our way no matter what.  At its most extreme, this prideful heart feels it is even above God and that we won’t have to answer to Him for what we’ve done.  But may we seek instead to live with humble hearts that accept God’s position above us and His absolute authority.  May we be willing to surrender to Him and follow His righteous path instead of the hurtful one of rebellion.  Let’s not live trying to get away with what we can, but trying to please God with all that we do.

Your thoughts?

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