Repost: The Love of Christ

Romans 8:35
Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

Jesus’ love is an all-encompassing, heart-pursuing, dying-on-a-cross kind of love.  It overlooks worthiness and merit and is extended universally to all.  It goes to extremes and holds nothing back.  It flows freely through our world of sin like a refreshing stream in a desert and nourishes the dead back to life.  It takes old things and makes them new.  It is sunshine to erase any shadow.  It is a healing hug for our sin-wracked hearts, a filling of the emptiness, a soothing comfort for a weary soul.  And when we find ourselves enveloped inside of that love, we can finally be whole and we can finally find peace and we can rest in the eternal comfort of it.

The love of Christ is a long cord reaching down from His heart to ours, and we are held to Him by that cord, and nothing can ever sever it and take us away from Him.  It goes with us wherever we go, for it dwells inside of us and becomes a part of us.  It moves within us.  It works through us and spreads to others outside of us.  His love for us is what brought us to Him in the first place, and our souls are so much more precious to Him than we can ever comprehend.  And after all He went through for us, how can anything ever pull us away from Him now?

And these things that we worry about so much, that we fear so much, that we give so much power to are so much less powerful than the love of Christ.  Because in the midst of any tribulation or distress or persecution, His love abides with us.  When we are left empty and with nothing and danger is surrounding us or war is raging, His love is upon us.  It stays when everything else leaves.  It helps when everything else hurts.  It gives when everything else takes.

There’s nothing we can do ourselves that will cause our Lord to stop loving us.  And nothing that happens to us could ever take away His love.  In the midst of these hard situations that come into our lives, we may feel unloved or that God has stopped loving us.  We may convince ourselves that He couldn’t possibly love us after something horrible that we’ve done.  But lies we tell ourselves don’t change His truth.  So let us not allow difficulties to push us away from God when His heart of love only longs to draw us closer to Him.

Your thoughts?

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