Questions and Answers

Matthew 22:46
And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

The Pharisees used a lot of different tactics to try to undermine Jesus and what He was doing.  They sought to confound and to challenge Him.  They opposed Him and questioned Him.  And their intent was to confuse Him or trip Him up or get Him to say something they could use against Him as He spoke publicly.  And so many times that is their only focus and they end up missing out on the great truths He spoke and the amazing works that He was doing.

Jesus didn’t give the answers they expected nor what they really wanted to hear.  They wanted Him to say something they could use against Him but instead found themselves in awe of what He said and unable to stand up to His wisdom.  So they stop asking Him questions instead of seeking more from Him, soaking in that holy and perfect knowledge and wisdom.  This was God among them, and Jesus was a ready teacher.  He would answer and respond to any question.  So ultimately they miss out if they refuse to hear what He has said and refuse to look to Him as the source of truth.

But we can seek Jesus still.  We can lay out all of our questions before Him.  We can bring all of those things we don’t understand, those things that confound us, those things we are just curious about.  And He gives us the right and best answer every time.  We can learn of Him and grow in our understanding and find the wisdom that we lack.  We can let go of our wrong ideas and understand things from His eternal and righteous perspective.  We can find in Him the sure and solid truth.

Jesus is the source of all answers, and He has given us His Word so we can learn and know many things about Him, about us, about life, and His plan He is working out in our world.  But it does us no good if we disregard what He says or neglect to ask Him.  If we walk away when He doesn’t say what we want Him to say, we are the ones who miss out.  If we reject Him because He says something we don’t like or something that makes us uncomfortable, we only hurt ourselves.  So may we faithfully continue seeking Him, and may we look to Christ and His Word as the source of our wisdom and understanding.