A Proper Perspective

Psalm 73:16-17
When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me; Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.

Out in the world, we can have a wrong perspective.  What we see happening can be painful—the unfairness of it all, the thought that wickedness would prosper so much without regard for God.  Sometimes it’s difficult to look out and see those who indulge in the worst kinds of sin seeming to thrive in their lives.  And if we’re examining these things through the wrong lens, it can be discouraging to us.

But in the place of truth, we can understand.  We remember that there is more to come past this life and that there will be a time where evil men will answer to God for their deeds.  When we are in the presence of God, it doesn’t matter so much what is happening outside that place.  When we remember who He is, we remember that it is worth it to serve Him and live for Him and not to stoop to the ways of the world.  We remember that there will be justice, and in the meantime, He is truly sufficient for us.  When we look at God instead of what is happening around us, we regain a proper perspective on things.

And in this place of close fellowship with God, can we not also develop a different kind of heart toward the wicked people around us?  Can we not develop, instead of envy or discouragement or sadness, some compassion that they will face a terrible end if they do not repent of their wickedness and turn to God before it is too late?  Instead of wallowing in self-pity over the perceived injustice of life, can we not turn our effort outward and help those around us see a truly better way to live by following the Lord and His path of righteousness?

In many ways, life doesn’t seem fair.  Sometimes it seems like we are punished for doing what is right.  But we have to remember that what happens in this life is not the end.  This world does not have the final say.  And what happens here is only part of our story.  The rest of it will continue either eternally in God’s presence or eternally apart from Him.  So let us keep a proper perspective and remain diligent in our lives to follow Him no matter what others may gain from forsaking Him, because we know that ultimately we will gain much more in heaven than they ever could here.

Your thoughts?

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