Seeking Wisdom

1 Kings 10:3
And Solomon told her all her questions: there was not any thing hid from the king, which he told her not.

Solomon’s wisdom was his trademark.  It was what he had asked of God, and God had given it to him abundantly, more than any man to ever live.  And that wisdom served him well as the king of Israel as he was able to judge the people righteously and build and expand the kingdom.  And the wisdom of Solomon was so great that it was sought out by many others, including the Queen of Sheba, who makes a journey to see Solomon, to hear his wisdom and to know the state of his kingdom and his greatness.  And she went away impressed, as Solomon was able to answer every question she  brought to him.

But hasn’t a greater than Solomon come?  Jesus Himself, all-wise and all-knowing.  And can’t we bring our questions to Him?  Won’t He share His vast wisdom with us?  Won’t He tell us all that we need to know?  There is nothing that He cannot know.  There is nothing hid from Christ.  There is nothing at all in this Earth and in our lives that is beyond Him.  And so we can seek Him, and He will be more than we expected to find.  We won’t be disappointed when we make that journey to know Jesus and to seek His wisdom and we come away with exactly what we needed.

God never turns away a seeking heart.  His Word promises that those who seek Him will find Him.  He promises wisdom to those who seek it from Him.  He does not deny us the ability to bring our questions before Him, to bring those things that confound and confuse us and ask His help in sorting it all out.  In fact, He’s given us a whole book full of wisdom, full of things that we need to know to make it in this wicked world.  His Word is a treasure trove of His wisdom available for us to study and learn that can then help us move forward and make right choices and become who He wants us to be.

So let us go to Jesus.  Let us seek Him in prayer and find the answers that we need.  Let us spend time in His Word to know those truths He shares with us that can impact our lives in many different ways.  Let’s look to Him as the only source for what we lack.  Let’s heed what He says.  And as we learn more and more, as we dig deep into His Word, and as He is revealed to us, we can’t help but be amazed at all that God is.  We don’t need to wander around, wondering and hoping to get things right, but we can find truth and sure wisdom and knowledge in Him.

Your thoughts?

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