Nothing to Fear

Psalm 27:1
The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Who can say this except someone who has surrendered completely to God?  Who could say such a thing besides one who is trusting completely in Him?  When we know God so surely, we won’t fear.  When we know and understand who He is—and we know and understand He is those things to us—we can’t be afraid.  But it’s like someone who is on life support.  They have to be constantly connected to it, or else they will die.  They can’t stop for a while and do it in their own strength.  And we have to rely on God that same way.  We need Him, or else we fail and lose our source of life and help.

And when we’re trusting Jesus, He is our light.  The darkness cannot cover us anymore.  It cannot fold us up inside of it and pull us under, because we have the constant light of Jesus with us, and He makes the darkness flee.  He illuminates the path and chases away all of those things in the dark that we have to be fearful of.  And exposed to His light, we’ll find those things aren’t so scary after all, because next to Him, they are small and weak and unable to hurt us.

Jesus is our salvation, so we are saved from all those things that work against us—sin and death and hell and Satan himself.  None of these can stand up to us any longer because He has released us from them.  He has plucked us from their grip, and then nothing can pluck us from His.  And in this place of safety and security, we don’t have to allow those scary things to have power over us any longer.

God is our strength.  So all those weaknesses that threaten to overcome are suddenly infused with His power, and so we do not fall and we can keep going and we can achieve victory and accomplish things for His glory.  No matter what comes along now, though we know we are too weak to stand against it, we do not face it on our own.  And that knowledge should give us a courage we didn’t have before.  And because He is our light and our salvation and our strength, we don’t have to be so afraid.  Fear doesn’t have to be a part of us anymore as long as we are trusting God completely.