Follow the Leader

Psalm 77:20
Thou leddest thy people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

God leads His people.  He always has since He instructed Adam in the Garden.  He doesn’t expect us to be able to figure everything out on our own.  We need His instruction and guidance.  We need His leadership.  And as His children, He will lead us, but we have to choose to follow.  He doesn’t tie us up and drag us along behind Him to make sure we do everything He wants us to do.  He gives us a choice to follow or not.

So may we choose to follow God in all ways always.  We won’t be disappointed, and He won’t let us down.  We won’t always understand, but let’s go anyway.  We won’t always like it, but let’s not turn aside.  We may stumble and struggle, but let’s keep going.  And let’s not follow so far back that we can barely even make Him out, but let’s get as close as we can to our precious Shepherd.  He will lead us on the right path, and we will end up in the right place.

Moses and Aaron were appointed by God to lead the people, but God was leading through them.  And so we have to trust the godly leadership that He has given us in our lives.  And when God led the people out, He gave them everything they needed.  He gave His instruction in the form of His law and the commands through Moses.  He gave them the spoil of the Egyptians so they had the materials they needed.  He provided food and water in miraculous ways.  They were equipped for the journey even though they had no idea what to expect.

The people went forward step by step, and that is all we can do, as well.  But God is always with us to provide, to guide, to lead, to defend, and to fight on our behalf.  We can’t know what the future will bring, but we can know that God will be there with us.  We have to trust what He has given to us.  We have to look to His Word and heed His instructions.  And we have to follow Him as closely as we can.  Then it won’t matter so much where we’re going as who we’re going with.

Your thoughts?

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