A Faithful Life

Proverbs 31:30
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Isn’t it this woman’s fear of the Lord that allows her to do all these other things described in this chapter?  It’s that relationship with God that helps her relate well to her family and others.  It is serving God that enables her to serve her family so diligently.  It is walking closely with the Lord that allows her to have the wisdom and ability to perform all these tasks and to thrive in them.  It is submitting to God that enables her to submit to the needs of others, to give all of herself in what the Lord has given her to do.

And isn’t this true for each of us, as well?  When we are rightly relating to God, we can be rightly related to others.  We are enabled to serve and accomplish the things we are responsible for.  We see our work as unto the Lord and not unto men, and so we do it with diligence and integrity, without laziness or shortcuts or grumbling.  By seeking God and putting Him first in our lives, with that as the preeminent relationship, we will build the kind of life that matters and be examples to those around us—the kind of people who can positively influence others to do what is right themselves and follow God with their lives.

We can lose favor with others.  Beauty will fade.  But our relationship with the Lord is something that will endure.  We can’t just focus on things that will be pleasing to men—having ulterior motives or being unduly influenced to do the wrong things, or our outward appearance.  We need to focus on living a life that honors God and brings Him glory, and that will make a big difference.  That is what needs to be evident to others—our heart and love for God and others, obedience, submission, faithfulness, kindness, wisdom, truth.

Truly a beautiful heart is more important than physical beauty.  So let us serve the Lord with our lives.  May we always make sure that what we do honors Him, down to the smallest task.  We will do well if that is our priority.  And not only will others be pleased with what we are doing, but God will be pleased, as well.  May we turn away from vain things and commit to a life of faithfulness to our Lord, forsaking anything that dishonors Him.