Keeping the Passover

2 Kings 23:21
And the king commanded all the people, saying, Keep the passover unto the LORD your God, as it is written in the book of this covenant.

Getting our lives right with God isn’t only about removing the wrong things, but also adding in the right things.  King Josiah’s sweeping removal of all things connected to the false gods the people had been clinging to was accompanied by reinstating long-neglected things, like observing the Passover.  Some of the commandments of God are “thou shalt nots,” but others of them are “thou shalts.”  So as we start to rid our lives of what we shouldn’t be doing, we have to start doing the things we should be doing.

What was the people’s idol worship but dedication and devotion to the wrong thing.  It was mere ritual that had the outward form of worship but was ultimately empty and meaningless.  Restoring the Passover was a needed reminder of their real God who had done real things for them and who then deserved their total devotion Himself.  The Passover was one of the main things God had asked the people to remember because it was such an important sign of His concern for His people, His power, and His ability to deliver them, and it was also a symbol of the people’s trust in Him.

In our lives, it is wrong to do the things that God has told us not to, but it is equally wrong to not do the things He has commanded us to do.  So, are there any ways we’re neglecting to keep the Passover?  Are we forsaking some things He’s asked us to do?  Have we rid our lives of sinful practices but failed to adopt some righteous ones?  Have we been holding to a form of worship that has no substance or meaning behind it?  Are there things we’ve forgotten about that God wanted us to remember?

Let’s make it a point to study God’s Word in order to know what He expects of us and make changes in our lives accordingly.  If He points out something to us that we need to eradicate from our lives, then may we not hesitate to do so.  And if He shows us something that we should be doing, maybe something we used to do but don’t anymore, then let us recommit ourselves to following through in obedience to God’s commands.