Trusting Jesus

John 11:22
But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

Jesus had come to Martha in this sorrowful moment, and she remembers that there is hope in Him.  There is hope for right now and there is hope in the future, because whether Jesus restored Lazarus to her that day or at the resurrection, she knew her brother would live.  And even if she wanted things to turn out differently and even though she was desperate for something to happen, she still submitted to Him and demonstrated such strong faith with this one statement that she makes.

The first thing she says is, “I know.”  She is certain of what she believes.  She knows these things as fact.  There is no doubt, only trust.  She knew this “even now,” when it couldn’t get any worse.  Lazarus was already dead and buried.  The loss has been felt.  The sadness is real and the grief overwhelming.  But even now, in this most dire situation, she knew Jesus could intervene and make a significant difference.  When it seemed too late, God could still work.

And when it seemed so impossible, Martha knew that something could be done if Jesus was involved.  She knew He could do anything.  She knew He could do more than she could ever hope for, because she was trusting in Him.  But she also knew it had to be God’s will.  He had to ordain it because He is in control.  And she was looking only to Him, because she knew He is a faithful God.  He follows through and keeps His promises.  And He is a God who hears and answers prayer.  But no matter what happened that day, she could believe that she would see her brother again.

What about us?  What kinds of situations do we find ourselves in that seem kind of hopeless?  What are we needing to trust God for right now?  Let’s remember where our hope is found—in Christ alone.  Let’s remember who our faith and trust is in—our Almighty God.  Let’s remember what God has promised and allow that to carry us through difficult moments.  We may not understand what is happening.  We may want things to be different than they are.  But let’s simply believe Him, trust Him, and surrender to His will.