Reaching Others

Mark 2:15
And it came to pass, that, as Jesus sat at meat in his house, many publicans and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him.

There are still many.  There are many who have sinned and perhaps find themselves trapped in that vicious cycle and don’t know there is a way out, don’t know there is a Savior so near and so close who will reach into their lives with His mercy and love and can take away just what it is that entraps them.  There are many who seek sin and become so burdened by it and its consequences that they give up hope of ever being set free, not realizing that Jesus has the power to overcome and lift those burdens off their shoulders.  There are still many who would perhaps seek Him in some form but don’t understand they can have a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ themselves.

And if there are still so many, then we have much work to do.  And one of the best things we can do is show Jesus to others through our own love towards them and the way we live our lives.  We have to become more like Jesus so we can show the multitude of sinners around us the true love of God.  We have to allow Him to work in us and change us and transform our lives as a testimony to others that He can do the same for them.  We have to be obedient to God’s commands and go out and tell the lost and dying that they can have life—a new life in Christ and eternal life hereafter.

But we can never reach the many still out there if we lock ourselves in a Christian box and refuse to interact with them.  Jesus Himself walked among them.  He dined with them.  He got up close and personal in their lives and their issues and put Himself in their presence.  He sat with them and got to know them.  He was interested in them.  And in many cases, He purposely sought them out.  And can’t we do the same?  But are we willing to?

Let’s never forget that we who are Christians were once counted among the publicans and sinners.  We had to have our own encounter with Christ and believe on Him and accept Him for ourselves.  And perhaps there was someone who came along and helped influence that decision for us.  Maybe there was someone who showed us the love of Jesus so strongly or challenged us to really consider the state of our lives and where our own choices were taking us, and now we can do the same for someone else.  There are many all around us who need Him, so let us introduce them to the Savior.