No Bother

Luke 8:49
While he yet spake, there cometh one from the ruler of the synagogue’s house, saying to him, Thy daughter is dead; trouble not the Master.

Was it a bother to Jesus to begin this journey to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter?  Was it a bother for Jesus to stop when the woman with the issue of blood reached out to Him and pulled that healing virtue from Him by her faith?  Was it a bother to go all the way across the sea to meet a man full of devils and make sure he could be whole and clothed and in his right mind?  Was it too much bother for Jesus to calm the waves for His fearful disciples, to stop and do some teaching for a seeking multitude, to feed a crowd with hardly any food, to raise a man from the dead, or give a blessing to some children?  Was it too much trouble to come all the way to Earth and go to a cross to face mankind’s cruelest execution and to give His life for our sakes?

It is not a bother to Jesus, but a delight to meet those needs.  He is ever inviting us to come to Him—for rest, for peace, for forgiveness and healing, to lay down our burdens, to learn of Him.  His first word to us is “come,” and He invites us to partake of what He has that we don’t and that we need so much from Him.  It’s not troubling to Him at all when we come empty and ask Him to fill us, when we lay out our desperation and ask Him to do something to help, when we come seeking and ask for answers and guidance and wisdom and truth to help us find our way.  It’s not too much trouble to bring every need to Jesus and ask Him to meet them.

How has it become so ingrained in us to not ask for help, to deem people too far gone, situations too hopeless, desires too impossible to reach out to Jesus in faith and expect Him to respond?  How is it that we can feel so strongly a longing for help and answers in a situation and know there is one out there who can give us that help we need and yet refuse to bother Him with our problem?  Nowhere in Scripture does Jesus ever turn someone away without offering something to them or responding in some way.

So we can’t listen to those voices without or within that say to us, “Trouble not the Master.”  If it was too much trouble, He wouldn’t have come at all.  If He didn’t care, He wouldn’t have given so much for us.  If there was a problem too big or too small, He wouldn’t have invited us to bring all of our burdens to Him.  But Jesus won’t be cast as someone unwilling or unable to answer this need, to go and bring healing, to restore, to give of Himself and make such a difference.  And He’s still doing the same today.  He’s along with us on our journey, so it’s no trouble at all to turn to Him and tell Him we need Him and ask for His help.

Your thoughts?

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