Romans 8:37
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

What is it going to take for us to realize the depth of God’s love for us?  This is such a perfect title for Jesus—”Him that loved us”— because His whole life was defined by that love.  All He went through was because of that love, a deep, incomprehensible love.  And that love has not faded with time.  It is the same as always, and so that love that compelled Jesus to the cross and bore our sin and shame is the same love He has for us now as He sits on the right hand of the Father.  That same love still chases after us and pursues our hearts.  That same love still desires God’s best for us.  That love is still a comfort, a help, a strength, and the source of our victory.

Jesus loved us, and He loves us still, and it is a big love, an unending love, an undefeatable love.  And it is only through Him that we can overcome.  And we can overcome through Him.  We are more than conquerors because with Jesus, it is sure.  With Jesus, there is none stronger.  And He is capable of handling anything this sinful world might throw at us.  We are conquerors because we don’t have to rely on ourselves.  We don’t have to have strength or wisdom as long as we have Jesus.  And He helps us so much and does so much for us because, indeed, He loves us so much.

So, are we going to be discouraged?  Are we going to be fearful?  Are we going to sink into our tribulation?  How can we when we think of the one who loved us?  When sin was our biggest problem, He took care of that.  When all hope was lost, He rose in victory from the grave.  When only darkness abounded, He shone forth His glorious light.  When death’s cold fingers were reaching out for us, He snatched us from their grip.

It is true that on our own, we are certain to fail, to be lost for good, to be overcome.  But through Jesus, total victory is assured to us because His love is so powerful.  That love moves mountains and makes sacrifices and gives of itself.  And because that love holds nothing back, He will give to us whatever we need to overcome, to conquer those enemies that threaten us.  We don’t have to be defeated when we are resting in the love of Christ.  It will be the difference when all else fails.