Opening Doors

John 9:34
They answered and said unto him, Thou wast altogether born in sins, and dost thou teach us?  And they cast him out.

The Pharisees seemed to think they were perfectly keeping the law, but so often they demonstrated a lack of love for God and their neighbors, never mind their brazen pride gleaming bright for all to see.  Too often they were unteachable because they placed themselves above everyone else and scoffed at everything they said.  They were so busy judging and accusing others that they couldn’t see the true condition of their own hearts.  And since they viewed everyone else as somehow beneath them, they pushed away anyone who disagreed with them and shut the door on them.

The Pharisees for the most part didn’t represent God and what He wanted them to do.  But they are a perfect example for us of how not to act.  Especially as leaders, they should have been more willing to learn, to be good examples for the people to follow.  As self-proclaimed followers of God, they should have left the judging up to Him and reached out a hand to lift someone up, not push them down.  And as priests, they were to let God have the final say, not their own opinions.

Instead of parading around with a sense of our own importance, can’t we have a little more compassion?  Can’t we have a humble spirit that desires to be corrected by our Father and to learn and understand His truth a little better?  Wouldn’t we rather see more people come to know Jesus as Savior instead of driving everyone away from our little club?  What kind of Christianity are we displaying to the world around us?  Is it the kind that shuts people out or invites them in?  Is it the kind that shows love or that pushes people away with judgment and condemnation?

We have an important responsibility as followers of Christ to live up to His standards, to pursue holiness and godliness in our lives.  We’re to be like Him and represent Him honestly before the world so they can come to know Him, too.  So let’s not follow the poor example of the Pharisees, but let’s be like Jesus and follow His path and His ways.  Let’s be willing to be wrong or to show some grace or to esteem ourselves lower than those around us so that we draw people closer to God, not farther from Him.