Delighting in God’s Word

Psalm 1:2
But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Our attitude toward the Word of God and the ways of God will dictate the course of our lives.  Are we delighting in it?  Is it a joy to us to seek out what it says so that we can obey, so we can find help, so we can know God’s heart on a matter?  Are we delighting in it because it is God’s law?  And if we love Him, then it will not be a chore to spend time in it, but a pleasure.  It will not be a duty, but something we enjoy.  We will not go grudgingly to it, but desire to know what God would share with us through it so that we can make better choices and grow and apply it.

But are we meditating day and night?  Is it always in our mind?  If we are confining our thoughts of God’s Word only to our daily devotions or to church on Sunday, it is not going to have much impact on our lives.  If it’s something we can simply forget about during the day, then something else is our guiding force for making decisions or help and encouragement.  So we can’t just read the Word.  We have to meditate on it—focus on it and think about what it is saying and how that affects our lives, and when we do that, it sticks in our minds and our hearts throughout the day.

But it is so easy for our thoughts to wander.  It’s so easy for our focus to be pulled away by the things happening around us.  So we have to put some effort into it.  We have to be disciplined in our thought life.  We have to take time for it.  That’s why we need to study our Bibles continually and keep re-reading.  Because we need reminders of the things we’ve learned before and have forgotten.  Because the more we look at it, the more we can learn.  Because God will reveal new things that will be a help to us.  And we can use what we read there to be a blessing to others.  Because the Word of God contains the words of life, and we wither without them.

So let’s evaluate our attitude toward God’s Word.  Is it a delight to spend special time there with Him one-on-one, listening as He teaches us by it?  And then are we applying what we’ve learned and living it out?  Is it fresh on our minds throughout the day to be a continual blessing, something we can draw on as we need it?