Be Forgiven

Luke 7:48
And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven.

What a glorious statement that immediately brings relief to our souls.  We had been just previously so wretched and ashamed.  We had been moments before trapped under the heavy weight of sin.  Just a little while earlier, we had only known the guilt and darkness and the depravity of our condition.  But then to have our sins forgiven?  To say we are guilty no longer?  To say we are free from those burdens?  Our debt has been paid.  No punishment will come.  And, free from sin, we can now be so much more than we ever were before, because no matter what else we were, now we are forgiven.

And shouldn’t this fresh knowledge of our sins forgiven, this fresh grace and mercy upon us draw something new out from our souls?  Some joy, some thanksgiving, some praise, some service to our most compassionate Lord who has given us this gift?  Shouldn’t we walk away with our head held higher as we release our shame?  Shouldn’t we go away lighter since our burden is gone?  Can’t we now go forth shining and sharing the love that we have received from Jesus?

What an amazing thing this freedom is, this forgiveness we’ve been granted.  And all we have to do is bring our sorrow to Jesus and leave it at His feet.  All we have to do is lay that heavy load down before Him.  And every sin is washed away.  Gone for good.  No more held to our account.  And so without those things that we used to struggle under, without that fear of punishment, without that pressure, we can live new lives unhindered.  Without that sin in the way, we can fellowship with God.  Without those things that only held us down, we can move forward.

Have we gone to Jesus and received this precious gift?  There’s nothing else like it.  There’s nothing else that can release us from the bondage of sin.  There’s nothing else that can unite us to God and grant us access to His home in heaven.  Let’s just bring all those shameful things we try to deal with on our own and give them to Jesus.  And in just a moment, He will grant His forgiveness and send us away truly whole.

Your thoughts?

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