Be Victorious

1 Samuel 17:48
And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hastened, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.

So, let us face whatever we must head-on.  When we know God’s will and we are going out with His hand upon us, though the giant moves toward us, let us not shy away or turn back from fear.  Let us not give up or try to hide.  Let’s not give in when the instinct to stop kicks in.  But let us run toward it.  Let’s move with courage, purpose and passion into the battle.  If we’ve said that we know God is on our side and He is for us and He will not forsake us, then let us act like we believe that and go toward whatever is coming our way and watch Him work.

Isn’t it amazing what happened when David went forward into his battle with Goliath?  The champion of the Philistines had mocked Israel and their God.  He was the biggest man talking the biggest talk.  He thought that he could not be defeated.  But God is bigger than the biggest enemy we will ever face.  And a stone to the forehead is all it takes for Goliath to crumble in defeat.  It seems like kind of a ridiculous way to die, humiliating for this powerful man of war who everyone said David had no chance against.

When everyone else had run away, David drew near.  When everyone else was fearful, David was confident.  When no one else would come forward and take on the challenge, David was willing.  And it was only because he trusted God.  So when everyone around is telling us we’ll never succeed, when no one else will even try, let’s go forward anyway, trusting the same God who delivered David to help us overcome our Goliath.  And when everyone is watching us and waiting for us to fail, we can stand victorious, too.

So many things happen in life that seem like giants in our path.  Fearful circumstances come into our lives.  Challenges arise even when we are just trying to do the right thing and serve the Lord where He has us.  But there is no need to flee from these things when we can stand against them with faith and confidence in God.  He is our almighty Champion, on our side, working for us, able to overcome everything that we can’t.  He can make all those things we thought were indestructible seem so pitiful and all those things we thought were too big seem so small.  When we’re trusting God completely, nothing will be too big or too hard for us to beat.