Be Transformed

John 2:11
This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.

It seems like such a simple thing, perhaps an unspectacular miracle, turning water into wine.  But it is important because it shows Jesus’ power to change the substance of something, to transform one thing into something else.  And that transformative power is at the heart of the work that He does in us.  Isn’t the essence of salvation trading our sin for His Spirit?  Our evil for His good?  Our unrighteousness for His righteousness?  And then isn’t following Him about being transformed into His likeness, made into His image, reborn from one thing to another?

This miracle was witnessed by only a few and was so subtle in its working, much like how His Spirit works in us.  But this is what brings forth His glory.  This subtle working is what allows Jesus to shine through us.  His hand upon our lives is tangible evidence of His power at work, and yet this is only the beginning.  Salvation is our first step, but there is much more to come, for once He begins a work in us, He sees it through to the end, and we are to keep being transformed by Him for the duration of our lives.

Will we allow the glory of God to shine through our lives?  Will we let Him transform us in such a way that others can see Him in us and may come to believe on Him for themselves?  Will we allow even the smallest and most ordinary things to be used to glorify Jesus in our lives?  It’s often those small, personal ways that God works in our lives that draw us closer to Him in a meaningful way.  It’s those intimate moments where we see a new side of Him that pull our hearts into a deeper relationship with Him where we are willing to give Him a more significant role in our lives.

This moment in the ministry of Jesus Christ was just the beginning.  There would be many more miracles, many more amazing moments.  He would teach His disciples many lessons.  But ultimately He would be put to death on a cross, be buried in a tomb, and rise again, manifesting His glory all the while.  In one agonizing transformation, He became sin for us so that we wouldn’t have to be punished, so we can become something more than what we are.  So let us go forward from our initial transformation, being ever conformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Your thoughts?

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